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10Pcs Wooden Extra-Wide Hangers

Color: Q

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Our Extra-Wide Wooden Hangers Will Upgrade Your Closet

Are you tired of your closet being a cluttered mess? Do you have a difficult time finding the clothes you need when you need them? Then it's time to invest in some high-quality hangers. Our Extra-wide Solid Wood and Metal Hook Wooden Hangers are the perfect solution for organizing your closet and keeping your clothes in perfect condition. They look great and will last for years.

Our Extra-wide Solid Wood and Metal Hook Wooden Hangers are designed to keep your clothes in pristine condition for longer. The wide design allows for more space for your clothes and their sturdy construction ensures that they won't bend or break. The metal hooks won't snag or leave marks on your clothes and the solid wood adds a stylish and elegant touch to your closet.


  • Extra-wide design
  • modern and sleek appearance
  • Crafted from premium wood
  • Ideal for bulky coats and suits
  • Pack of 10 hangers
  • Non-slip grooves for increased security
  • Suitable for both residential and commercial use
  • Smooth surface for a premium appearance
  • Shoulders with notches for hanging straps


  • Available as a ten-pack
  • Extra-Wide, robust design accommodates all types of clothing.
  • Several color choices available

Experience the ease of use and elegance of our extra-wide wooden hangers by upgrading your closet right away. Order yours right away to get started on a chic and elegant approach to closet organization.